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Based on the previous requests I had, the packages are sorted into three groups:

• Basic package is suitable for the majority of clients. It helps them represent their business or activity in a structured way and allows them to maintain or change the content of the pages
• Online Store package is for the clients who wish to place or sell their product or service via the Internet
• Custom package is for the clients who need more than what the standard above two packages include.


Free domain (1yr)
Free hosting (1 yr)
Up to 5 pages
Social Media Links
Google Maps Location
Contact Us Form


Free domain (1yr)
Free hosting (1 yr)
Product Categories
My Account
Shopping Cart
Social Media Links
Google Maps Location
Contact Us Form



Free domain (1yr)
Free hosting (1 yr)
Unlimited pages
Custom Logo/Graphics
Social Media Links
Google Maps Location
Contact Us Form




On this page you will find examples of my previous work. These examples highlight different industries where the websites I make represent the business in the best possible way. For example:

– ‘Restaurant’ type of of website gives your customers possibility to book a table at your restaurant.

-‘Removalist’ example illustrates how your customers can request an online quote for your service.

– ‘Online store’ shows you how your customers can purchase your products using online shopping cart.


What I Do

Below is the comprehensive list of my services. Please feel free to contact me, maybe this list doesn’t include exactly what you need but I am still able to do it. I believe that nothing is impossible!


· Logo design
· Catalogue design
·  Business card design
·  Website design
·  Website registration and maintenance
·  Online photo gallery
·  Displaying business on a map
·  Contact form
·  Regular website maintenance

· Online booking
· Online quotes
· Email registration and setup
· Placing audio/video files on your website
· Search engine optimisation
· Google analytics
· Online store
· Support for independent maintenance of the website content (CMS)




  • is the name or web address of your website. Ideally this name should very closely match your business name so that it can be found on the Internet with the least amount of information.
    Most domains start with www  and end with .com. There is a significant number of web extensions available to chose from. They usually represent the type of the business or country where your business is located.
    For example, my website can have following extensions to help customers differentiate whether I am located in Australia ( or to show that my business is intended for informative internet resources (

  • The most popular search engines today are Google, Bing and Yahoo. These software systems allow users to find other websites that offer different products, services or information.  Results of your search are ranked with the top ones being paid for or based on the keywords and meta tags.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the collection of activities which allow for your website to be better ranked in the results of web search engine compared to other websites. This is dependent on the choice of keywords that was used to best describe your business or product. For example, keywords on my website are ‘cheap’, ‘web design’, ‘web Australia’, ‘Borcic’ etc.

  • CMS or Content Management System represents websites which are structured in such way to allow the end user to easily change the content of their website with no technical knowledge. This is usually provisioned by the Website Administrator at the end of the website design. CMS websites are very useful as they minimise the cost of updating the information on your website such as change of contact details, change of text, addition of the multimedia file etc. These services are charged extra on standard websites.